Homeschool Day at The Wild Center

This past May, The Wild Center in Tupper Lake, NY opened its doors to homeschoolers. Thanks to a generous grand from The Landon Family Foundation, homeschool students and their families were able to take advantage of free admission.

Below are some of pictures from our homeschool field trip day. One of the many perks of being a homeschool family is taking a day off from the books every now and then and enjoying the beautiful place that we call home.

indoors at the wild center

Indoors at the Center there is plenty to keep the entire family busy for most of the day. From encounters with live animals to a full theater to exhibits of fish, turtles, and other animal and plant species. There is also a small cafe and a gift shop.

outdoors at the wild center

Outdoors there are trails through the forest, a winding river, a pond, and the Wild Walk. You can walk among the treetops and take a picture in a giant sized eagle’s nest while seeing the Adirondacks from a birds-eye view.

books to share before heading out on your adventure

And, for our family, life isn’t complete without a book recommendation or two!

Some of our favorite books to read before heading out and enjoying nature are listed below. As always, picture books aren’t just for little ones! My older kids enjoy listening as well. I just can’t let them KNOW that I know they are liking them!

(All links are Amazon aff. links)

You almost certainly will get to see turtles on your visit to the Wild Center.
Kate Messner is a family favorite author We love her Ranger in Time series. Over and Under the Pond is another great book of hers.
A 2018 Caldecott Honor Book that Kirkus Reviews calls “a must-read for our times,” A Different Pond is an unforgettable story about a simple event – a long-ago fishing trip.
valuable lessons about animals, nature and the environment, the stories feature favorite Burgess characters.

Exploring Creation with Physical Science Module #2

Humidity – The moisture content of air

Absolute Humidity – The mass of water vapor contained in a ceratin volume of air

Relative Humidity – The ratio of the mass of water vapor in the air at a given temperature to the maximum mass of water vapor the air could hold at that temperature, expressed as a percentage

Greenhouse Effect – The process by which certain gases (principally water vapor, carbon dioxide, and methane) trap heat that radiates from earth


What does the glass of a greenhouse do?
It lets the short solar rays pass through.
The objects in the house absorb these rays
And re-radiate them as long heat rays.
What does the glass of a greenhouse do?
It doesn’t let the long heat rays pass through.
Trapped by the glass they bounce back and forth,
Re-radiated and re-absorbed.
Stay! Stay, you long heat rays!
Warm up the house on cold, cold days!
Stay! Stay, you long heat rays!
Warm up the house on cold, cold days!
The atmosphere is like a greenhouse, too.
It lets most of the solar rays through.
The surface of the Earth absorbs these rays
And re-radiates them as long heat rays.
There’s vapor in the air, what does it do?
It doesn’t let the long heat rays pass through.
Trapped by the vapor, they bounce back and forth
Re-radiated and re-absorbed.
Stay! Stay, you long heat rays!
Warm up the house on cold, cold days!
Stay! Stay, you long heat rays!
Warm up the Earth on cold, cold days!
Lyrics by Hy Zaret
Music by Lou Singer
Sung by Tom Glazer and The Weathervanes

fish eye photography of gardens
Photo by on

Global warming = the concentration of carbon dioxide (and other greenhouse gases) being so great that the greenhouse effect would warm the earth up too much, causes problems with the ecological balance. 

Global Warming???

What is Ozone? A molecule composed of three oxygen atoms. It is an AMAZING filter!

Ozone: Good up high, bad nearby.


How to Stretch Your Paycheck

Some thoughts from our Credit Union on how to stretch your paycheck.

paycheck.jpgPaying off debt is never fun, but extremely necessary. And in order to be successful at it, you will have to pay above the minimum payments. But what if you don’t have the extra cash to be able to do this? Check out these simple tips which will allow you to find new money in your same old paycheck, helping you to get ahead on your bills!

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This week during our study of our Solar System we are learning about Mercury. We are currently using Homeschool Connections recorded courses with the middle school aged children as a group. The younger ones join in for the class and color pages or just sit quietly. I’m sure they are learning as much as their minds can comprehend just by observing the older children.

The way our day usually progresses begins with breakfast and a quick clean up. This is followed by Morning Prayers and what I call Morning Time. This is when we practice our Catechism questions and do any read alouds. We also discuss any plans for the day, such as music lessons or a change to the schedule. Then the children either work on assignments or take one of our two computers to complete their math. This year we are using CTC Math. After that we do one of our “Loops”. I hope to explain loops in a future post, but if you want to read more right now, just Google “Loop Schedule for Homeschool” and I’m sure you’ll find lots of information.

So, for our Morning Loop today we’ll be watching the Homeschool Connections lesson for Mercury and watching the YouTube video probably directly after lunch. After that it’s time for the second ‘loop’.  Today it is Religion and The Purpose of Man’s Existence.

That’s all for today. Check back soon to see what else we are doing in our homeschool.


Here’s a Link to a pdf file with some facts about Mercury: Thanks to

And another pdf that might be better for the Middle School aged child: Mercury Fact Sheet

This is a really inexpensive (especially with Amazon Prime shipping) solar system model to keep in the homeschooling area of your house:

And finally, a short YouTube Video about Mercury:

Acts of Charity Endure Forever

“All the powers of an empire, they rise and fall around us, they come and go, but acts of charity… they endure forever. And people who lay down their lives in love and service of humanity, they blaze like the sun for all eternity.

St. Maximillian Kolbe, pray for us.”


We are living in scary times. I often ask myself what I can do to combat the ignorance and misinformation that is being spread and believed by so many, including people I love and respect. What can I do to combat the conflict and discord in the world today?

I’ve come to the conclusion that actions are what need to speak at this time in history. Most of what we say will be misunderstood or twisted to mean something other than what is intended. Actions though… actions are harder to distort into something they are not.

And face it, our actions, OUR actions… those of us average Americans just living our everyday lives trying to raise our families the best we can… our actions really don’t affect a whole heck of a lot of people.

So what we need to do is focus on the people we come in contact with everyday. Start there.

First, our family. Treat our family, our children, our homes with love and respect. Teach our children to respect each other and embrace each other’s differences. Teach them that it’s okay to disagree with someone else, it’s okay to hate the evil things that others do, but they must still love them. Love the person, not the sin.

Then, when we are out and about in our communities, we can smile. We can laugh with the bank teller and tell the person that gets us our coffee that we like their hair that day. Or we can meet the UPS guy at the door and tell him we are grateful for his effort in getting us our packages.

At work we can respect our coworkers. We can show them appreciation and esteem. We can be enthusiastic about our work and be thankful for the opportunity to work and be compensated for that work. We can let our diligent performance of our duties show our gratitude to our employers.

And finally, but really primarily, we can to guard ourselves against distraction and agitation. We cannot be ambassadors of peace when there is constant anxiety in our own souls. Accept that we cannot change the world, but that we can change ourselves and we can work towards greater love and solidarity in our homes and communities.

And when confronted with a spirit of hate, intolerance and bitterness, we can do the opposite. We can show love, understanding and gentleness. We can be another Maximillian Kolbe or a St. Thomas More.

The opposite of hate is not hate. It is love.

Let our actions always speak love and charity and there will be no room for hate in our hearts.