Ode to a past Epiphany and the Store Bought Cake

King Cake

Well, it’s not really a poem, but more of a memory and encouragement.

This was the year of the decorated store-bought angel food cake as our King Cake. I have no exact recollections of that Epiphany, but I’m sure it was one filled with babies, toddlers and diapers and no time to actually bake a cake.

This is my encouragement to young moms.

Do the best you can… you are still making memories! It doesn’t have to be Pinterest Pretty. I just has to ‘be’.


By a store-bought angel food cake. Melt down some frozen berries. Drizzle on top of said store-bought cake.

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Epiphany and a King Cake

King Cake How to bake Epiphany Cake
KIng Cake 2019

There are many traditions that center around Epiphany, the 12th Day of Chritmas.

Our family enjoys making King Cake, singing We Three Kings and waiting to find out who will get the “bean” and wear the crown.

The bean-finder also gets relieved from chore duties on the following day. A big deal in this house!

The evening isn’t complete without a round of Christmas Carols.

How do you celebrate Epiphany?