Soon the Days will Warm and the Maple Sap will Flow

As the February days come to an end, we know that it is time to traipse through the three feet of snow, out into the wood, to tap the maple trees on our back land.

Pretty soon the days will start to become warmer, while the night remain cold. This is the perfect weather for the sap to drain through the small tubes hammered into the trees and enter into the buckets hung with care.

In another week or so we should be able to begin the boiling process. This must be done outside. Last year, sitting in lawn chairs around the boiling sap, wrapped in blankets, was a nice reprieve from the school days. Pleasure books and hot cocoa around the bubbling liquid gold.

This year we kept track of how much syrup we actually use. Typically we go through a gallon per month, using it to put on our pancakes to naturally sweetening all kinds of baked goods. If we could produce even half of that off our own land, we would be very pleased.

tapping trees snow

Stay tuned for the updates as the season begins! Cold nights, warmer days not only mean maple syrup time, but are an indicator that spring is not too far off. Living in the North Country this is a very welcome sign indeed!

Christmas 2021

I have had a love/hate relationship with Facebook over the past few years. And lately it has most definitely become just a ‘hate’ relationship.

So forgive me for using my blog platform, Simple Homeschooler, to also share a little more family photos and to give updates about what is going on in our lives.

Searching for the right tree

This year Christmas felt strange. Although lockdowns and restrictions didn’t affect our traditions tremendously, it still felt, well… off. Different. Still very nice, and beautiful, and holy. But different.

We visited our yearly favorite place to get our tree, Moody Tree Farm. In the past it felt so Christmas-y. Sleds for the kids to take out to the field. Hot cocoa and cookies scrumptiously waiting near the warm wood stove in the gift shop. Candy canes and laughter.

Then some leisurely time browsing for gifts and new objects to decorate our home, while Dad and the boys tie our new tree to the top of the car.

This year it was still nice. But there was no hot cocoa, cookies, or candy canes. There were certain doors that we were required to enter through, and one door which was reserved for the exit.

There were no sleds to take to the field. And, because of the obvious lack of fellow visitors, the atmosphere had a lonely aura.

And finally, of course, we were tortured with having to breathe through a mask while trying to enjoy our shopping. I didn’t get to see any smiles on my children’s faces… because their mouths were covered by a piece of cloth! My breathing became difficult, which caused an irregular heartbeat. All in all, instead of enjoying my time shopping, choosing gifts, and imbibing the pine atmosphere, I just wanted to get out and BREATHE!

Thankfully, I did get to see some smiles outdoors. Sophia still was able to pet the horses, and we found just the right tree thanks to Thomas’s keen eye.

Stay tuned for our tree decorating story. May God bless you and your loved ones.