Chickens and Stay At Home Orders

Seven years ago we ordered our first batch of chicks from Murray McMurray hatchery. Through the years the children have grown, chickens have passed on and occasionally more chicks have been added.

Josh, the little guy with the plaid shirt above, seemed to be the one who took the most liking to the flock. Each year he incubates a few eggs to add to our coop.

This year the hatch is occurring during our “stay at home” time due to living in NY and COVID-19. It is times like this that I am grateful to live where we do. We have no worries about fresh air, outside play or loneliness. I know there are others who have it much, much worse than we do. And I think about them often.

I love the feeling that comes with the baby chicks. The awe and the joy that new life brings. Josh has grown, but he still loves his chickens and chicks just as much as he did seven years ago. And so I contemplate how things can change, but yet stay the same.

Stay safe everyone! As my Aunt Bea used to say, “This too shall pass.”

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