Name Day Lunches: Quality Time in a Large Family


It has become a bit of a tradition to take each child out to lunch for their Name Days. In the Catholic tradition, a person’s name day occurs on the Feast Day of their patron saint. Typically that is the saint that they were named after, either their first name or their middle name.

We also allow that child to choose a dessert or treat on that day.

The feast day of St. Sophia occurs in September so Saturday was Sophia’s day to go out to a restaurant to have lunch with Mom and Dad.

As you can imagine, living in a large family, a meal at a restaurant is a rare treat. And time alone with Mom and Dad is even more rare! So this particular tradition has become extremely important to each of the children.


St. Sophia’ s feast day occurs in September, so today was our Sophia’s day to join us for a lunch at Jake’s on the Water in Hannawa Falls. This restaurant is a wonderful gem in the rough out here in the boonies.

If you would like to learn more about celebrating name days and other activities that you can do with your children that emphasize creating a Catholic Culture in your home, I can recommend a few books and websites:

Catholic Icing has become one of my go-to websites with loads and loads of ideas and resources.

Fisheaters has a write up about name days and, if you do a search of the website, you will find all kinds of resources about the saints and also celebrating the Liturgical Year.


There are so many wonderful books to help with creating a Domestic Church in your home. The books above are a few of my favorites.

Feast Day Cookbook, which was published in 1951 contains recipes for many of the more popular feast days, plus a few of the more obscure, such as Saint Marcarius and Saint Swithin. There is also quite a bit of commentary as to the various countries and their traditions for the day. I highly recommend this book, mostly for the commentary. The recipes themselves are average. What I do is use the book for the recipe idea and then do a google search for a similar recipe if it looks like that recipe might not turn out. (Just being honest here.)

While Christ in the Home is not specifically for Feast Days, I recommend it as an overall, very detailed, description of how a Catholic Home should ideally be run. Personally, I

have a long way to go to live up to this ideal, but I’m working on it. Amazon prices are too high. You can order through Angelus Press and get a better deal.

A Continual Feast and The Year & Our Children are two more of those resources that are chock full of inspiration and ideas. I have tried the recipes in A Continual Feast and they are good. The Year & Our Children also has craft ideas.

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